There were two friends....Aks and Soumo....One Day Aks came to Soumo's house and said...."I have something that would change your life!!!!!"....soumo was confused and in a way excited to know that Aks had made a song....Aks and soumo then decided to form a band.... This was the turning point in their lives....Then the series of composing songs started....Soumo came to know about his inner talent for Lyrics and Aks about his talent of making music and melodies....Everything was great except for no one knew about them....Then one day while surfing the net....They found a site called BANDAMP....and the rest is History....

My Second Remix

September 23rd, 2006 + 7:09 AM  ·  TheTeenDream

hey listen to the remix of Life Goes On
by Takaminerbb13

its as Remix Number 2....


Listen To My First Remix

September 20th, 2006 + 11:09 PM  ·  TheTeenDream

hey listen to the remix of Weight Of Wrong
by Educated Guess

its as Remix Number 1....


Remix Number 2

September 23rd, 2006 + 6:09 AM  ·  TheTeenDream

Original Song Name : Life Goes On
Original Artist : Takaminerbb13

New Song Name : Life Goes On(Reverse)

I remixed the original track into a journey of life. Moving to our future leads to thoughts regarding out past. Reverse is the Past.the original song was about going on..
This is about as we move to the future we remember the past.

I have received the consent of Takaminerbb13 to upload the song. I am really thankful to him.

P.S. i am going to remix songs of few more members also. Any guesses who is going to be? Just wait and watch!!!

Guitar Guitar Guitar.....

September 23rd, 2006 + 6:09 AM  ·  TheTeenDream

well i am preparing to buy an acoustic guitar....
and cant really figure out which one to buy...
an semi acoustic guitar..
or an full acoustic guitar...

well i have asked many people about this...
dieffernt people different views...
so thought of asking the same to you all..

can you help??

this is an semi acoustic guitar....

this is an full acoustic guitar....


Any Attachments...??

September 23rd, 2006 + 6:09 AM  ·  TheTeenDream

well i found out that there is no medium on this site for sending attachments
or sharing any other material  with others.....

is any new work in progress..???

my idea is that there should be some attachment facility with the PMs...
i thinks that sometimes due to this disability.....
the members have to take a lot of trouble for collaboration work.

this attachment facility would add to the beauty and advantage of this Great site!!!

no only song materials but other files and folders can be easily sent via this...


edit: well i posted this in the wrong forum...
maybe it should be in the Ideas+Feedback forum...
please move this if its appropriate...

Beggining To Learn

September 23rd, 2006 + 5:09 AM  ·  TheTeenDream

can you suggest some sites, authors or books or any other medium...
to learn music theory..
well i am an starter..ameteur...
some advise for a begginer??


September 22nd, 2006 + 11:09 PM  ·  TheTeenDream

these are not the exact lyrics...
but are used differently in a song of our boyband
the song's music is ready
just vocals needed
recording in few days
just wait....

The ride is never gonna be so smooth
the artificial truth
To cross the sea of material
you need to stick to your root
Then future wont be a mystery
if you rise , awake and hold your history

to be original
you gotta tuck up the loose
to be original
you have to look before you choose
to be original
end the loops and try something new

you felt the guilt within you
always confess
i will do the judgement
the truth
cause it hides within , you plastic
watch out
this world may turn nasty
to you

what did you think
your sins will depart
playing holy again
indeed a fashionable art
maybe you were right
we have gone to far
to look back

and all i can say to you

sorry if i hurt you
it wasnt my fault
damn you're the culprit
who messed it up all
you're a rebel without a cause
i'm not with you at all
i cant help being myself
i'm original....
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